S/YCEA, Local #1

Tickets are available online from the Public Employees' Union, Local #1 website or the link below: (Please do not click the link until you read the instructions.)

For Golfland SunSplash click the link below to go to the sign in for tickets to golf, laser tag, race car rides, waterpark tickets (when the park opens) and more. You must call the office (530) 674-0185 to get the password for the eTicketing store. Members only.

Golfland SunSplash Roseville INSTRUCTIONS RIGHT
Roaring Camp Railroads CLICK LINK AT LEFT
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk CLICK LINK AT LEFT
Six Flags Great America CLICK LINK AT LEFT
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Golfland SunSplash - You must call the Association for the

"store name". When you click the link for info, you will be

taken to the Discount Program eStore Login.